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The history of Padron cigars

This special cigar brand is rooted in Cuban heritage and established a headquarters in Miami in 1964. While demand for these cigars has skyrocketed over the years, Padron has not sacrificed its quality in the name of mass production.

At its production facility in Nicaragua, Padron cigars are handmade using Cuban seed tobacco. The thought and effort put into the production of each and every stick is reason enough to invest in Padron cigars for just about any memorable occasion.


What defines Padron cigars?

You can always shop for our discount Padron cigars online and see for yourself, but the cigar world has been buzzing for a while over this high-quality cigar maker. Here is what the buzz is all about:

  • Padron cigars are some of the highest quality cigars because of their extensive inspection process. Every step of the way, each stick is inspected for quality. This is an effort that smokers truly appreciate.
  • Boasting a fuller body, Padron cigars make for a great smoke for cigar connoisseurs of all types. If you are new to the brand and not sure if it is for you, try out a Padron cigars sampler pack, available here at Lone Star State Cigar Co..
  • Aficionados all over praise Padron cigars for their consistency. Again, this goes back to the company’s rigorous production methods. Each and every stick leaves the facility with Padron’s stamp of approval.


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